Understanding the different marks on a Cartier brooch

We will be featuring the different marks on the Belle Epoque Platinum and Diamond Bar Brooch, circa 1915. 


Marking of jewelry is considered the earliest form of consumer protection. The marks that are stamped on the precious object is to distinguished the maker of the object, guarantee the standard of fineness of the precious metals used and authenticate to the duties owed to the company. 

There are wide variety of marks for different jewelry, but on this post we'll just cover 4 different type of marks found on this particular bar brooch. 

Maker's Mark - Cartier 

Maker's marks are initials of the manufacturing firm stamped onto a gold, silver or platinum items, also known as 'trademarks'. They provide the confirmation that a particular piece of jewelry has indeed been manufactured by a certain jewelry maker.  


Designer Mark - H.D

The mark H.D seen on this brooch is the logo and main graphic mark of Henri Droguet. The stylish H.D is like a design signifying that Henri Droguet as the designer of the company.


Individual number - C6737 

All Cartier jewelry is engraved with a recorded individual number that distinguish the item in question. No two items bear the same serial number.


Antique pieces individual number - HSA 408

Uniquely to Cartier, it is offering for a sale a selection of jewelry, watches and precious objects produced in the past. Cartier recognizes how antique jewelry arouse great interest across all generation due to it's timeless creation. These pieces are individually documented and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. 

Brenda Kang