When the chips are down
I’ll be around
With my undying, death defying
Love for you.

Love Letters

One heart speaking directly to another.

All of our envelopes are lovingly handcrafted from 18K gold and we offer 3 pendant versions. Minimalists might favour the clean lines of the elegant Slim, while the quirky Chubby is perfect for storing additional photographs and small keepsakes. The dainty Mini is the ideal size for children, or worn as a charm.

Each envelope feature either a diamond, sapphire or ruby cabochon at its opening.


Believing that the best gifts come with the perfect message, Inscribed was created as an homage to the heart of gift giving...

Drawing inspiration from days gone by, Inscribed hopes to revive the beauty of Victorian romanticism. An intricately engraved locket, a message within, a picture close to the heart – sentimentality gifted, sentimentality worn. Each piece of exquisite jewellery allows one’s hopes and dreams to be recorded for eternity, in a message that never fades.

Love Letters, our first collection, showcases a series of charming handcrafted envelope pendants and cufflinks. These beautiful pieces open up to reveal a gold letterplate upon which heartfelt messages could be etched. A handwritten note, a touching Love Letter, is hard to come by, and a practice almost lost. How better to preserve this delightful custom than with a gift worthy to be passed on through generations to come.